About Us

Filgo is a Quebec company, a leader in energy distribution and retail supply, and an extensive convenience store and service stations network operator.

We Are Filgo

For over 65 years, the company has been keeping homes warm and people moving. At Filgo, we are driven by the desire to be in tune with our customers’ needs and to respond appropriately. Firmly rooted in Quebec and with its sights set on serving Eastern Canada, the company has achieved distinction in the new energies sector and aims to play an active part in energy transition. Thanks to the dedication of its 1,500 employees, the company continues to achieve its objective of constant growth.

What Drives Us

Filgo is distinguished by the dedication and skills of its employees. As a leading distributor of new and traditional energies, our mission is to maintain efficiency and a personalized approach to all our residential, agricultural, and commercial customers, providing them with a complete range of products and services as well as a network of recognized service stations and convenience stores.

Our Shared Goal

By 2025, Filgo will be one of the leading energy distributors in Eastern Canada, and as such, proud to be recognized as the benchmark in terms of customer experience. We are depending on the human strength of our amazing team to succeed. An invested, dedicated team that takes our customers’ needs to heart.

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Our Values

Putting people and the environment first

Operational excellence serving the customer experience

Achieving our goals with mutual enjoyment and collaboration

Taking pride in accomplishment

An entrepreneurial mindset for all

Creating and protecting collective wealth

Our Sectors of Activity


As a leader in energy distribution and retail supply, Filgo puts its solid reputation to use in the field by nurturing innovation. We offer a vast range of energy products designed to meet your everyday needs. Fill up with Filgo energy.

Convenience stores and service stations

Designed to optimize your experience, Filgo Convenience Stores offer items of choice without compromising. We understand and respond to your needs: service stations, electric charging stations, modern car washes, exclusive promotions... And all in one stop!

Our story began in 1956



1956 – Filgo founded by Philippe Gosselin

Founding of the company by Mr. Philippe Gosselin. At that time, the company delivered heating oil, gas and lubricants. The association with Shell began at this point and has continued to this day.

1958 – Founding of Sonic by COOP

La Coop fédérée enters the oil business, prompted by a need expressed by farmers. They immediately reach agreements with the UCC (Union Catholique des Cultivateurs) and their federations, encouraging their members to buy oil from La Coop fédérée. An increasing number of local cooperatives become retailers.

1970 – First service station opens

In the early 1970s, La Coop fédérée adopted a policy encouraging the opening of service stations, catering to rural populations. By 1974, we had 75 service stations.

1999 – Launch of the Super Soir corporate convenience store network

The Super Soir brand was created in the early 1990s. During this time, we leased a few sites to operators. Beginning in 1999, we began operating our corporate network.

2005 – Acquisition of Irving “distribution” customers in Quebec

2006 – Filgo makes a deal with Shell Canada

They acquire Les huiles Norco, a Montreal-based company in addition to the Thermoshell division having business locations in Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Quebec, and Saguenay.

2009 – Acquisition of Pétroles Deshaies and Pétroles Dupont

2011 – Shell chooses us to distribute Shell, Pennzoil, and Quaker State lubricants in Quebec

2013 – Acquisition of Bouthillier-Rioux

2016 – Filgo and Sonic merge

2017 – Acquisition of the Bell-Gaz company and Chemin de Fer Lanaudière

2018 – Acquisition of Propane Select

2019 – Acquisition of Propane Lavoie, Propane PP, and Dumoulin

2020 – Acquisition of Pétrole Larouche

2021 – 65 years of partnership with Shell


Awards and honours

Les Affaires ranking

Filgo is proud to be ranked amongst the 300 largest companies in Quebec. We have been steadily climbing since last year, and now rank 105th.

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The CNESST Grand Prix:

Congratulations to our employee Neal Pascau, Operations Team Leader – Energy, who was awarded the title of Leader of the Year in the CNESST 2022 Grand Prix.

What a proud moment for our company!

At Filgo, we are committed to adopting practices that promote the protection of health, safety, and the environment (HSE) within all our teams. This award showcases the initiatives of teams dedicated to prevention in their daily work.

CN Awards

Congratulations to two of our subsidiaries, Énergies Sonic and Bell-Gaz, who were among the recipients of this award.

This award reaffirms the company’s commitment to maintaining a safe environment for all, by promoting best practices and regular training.

This award is presented to companies that load dangerous goods onto rail cars and comply with strict standards for the safe handling and shipment of regulated goods.