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How to find lubricants recommended for your vehicle?

Whether it be for your car, your motorcycle, your off-road vehicle or your machinery, Shell suggests Shell LubeMatch™.

Select your vehicle type and access the most wise recommendations in the way of lubricant!

Why has Shell Rotella® dominated the heavy-duty engine oil market for over 30 years?

Shell Rotella is recognized on the market for its quality, its performance and its technology. The energized protection® of Shell Rotella heavy-duty diesel engine oils relies on adaptive technology, designed to provide engine protection in three critical areas which hinder optimum operation: acid, deposits and wear. By continuously adapting to these conditions, these products ensure protection against oil deterioration, engine wear and deposits.

The preferred heavy-duty diesel engine oil of owner operators and diesel truck owners in North America*.

With the new line of Shell lubricants, are Shell products still approved by equipment manufacturers?

Yes. Most equipment manufacturers have been consulted and have given their approval and recommendations regarding these new products. In addition, based on simplification of certain brands, some products have received additional approval and recommendations. Consult product technical descriptions at the following address : http://www.epc.shell.com/

Pennzoil®* oil is defined as "cleaning".
How does Pennzoil interact in your engine?

Pennzoil motor oils are formulated with active cleansing agents, specially designed to hinder the build-up of sludge and other deposits. They’re also designed to clear away sludge, dirt, debris and deposits from engine components and prevent blockages of important oil pathways. The oil locks up the dirt, rendering it harmless until it is removed at the next oil change

Pennzoil motor oils are designed for those whose passion is cars. Pennzoil loves your car as much as you do. Trust it to always be on the lookout for the latest technological advances in lubricants!

What does durability mean when talking about oil?

It is a well-known fact that new oil provides better results. After thousands of kilometres, your oil surely performs differently...

Engine protection is as important on the first day of the oil's life cycle as on the last. An oil's ability to maintain top performance between oil changes is what is referred to as its durability. Quaker State®* distinguishes itself in this area.

Quaker State motor oils are for people who care about their vehicles. You want your engine to resist all the effects of time and wear and continue to run smoothly for a long time. Choose the oil that has continuously met the highest standards for new motor oil, even when oil change is necessary.

Where can you find technical information regarding lubricants?

To find information such as :

  • Recommendations
  • Product Specifications
  • Technical Documentation
  • Contact Technical Specialists

You can contact your representative, consult Shell's web site Shell or call Shell's technical information service at 1 800 661-1771.

Trade-mark of Shell Brand International AG. Used under license. *Trade-mark of Pennzoil-Quaker State Company. Used under license.

*Source: TLT Tracker Survey and Kline Report 2009-2010.