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Propane now available!

Flamme verte


Did you know that propane is now available to Filgo Énergie clients? Thanks to partnerships with distributors, we can now provide propane delivery services. Enjoy our special offer! Contact us to learn more! 

Propane is a reliable fuel that will provide security, efficiency and unequaled comfort. From the pool to the fireplace through the stove and the water heater, propane will power your home. 

Fireplace : effective and contemporary 

Discover the advantages propane has to offer! A propane fireplace is an energy efficient and practical solution that will add an elegant touche to your home.

Heater : performance et comfort 

Our propane heaters will quickly heat up your home even during very cold periods. The energy efficiency that characterizes these devices makes them a natural choice. Opt for propane appliances and save on heating costs!

Pool heater : pleasure and speed

Designed to quickly heat up your pool, the propane water heater is the best solution. The efficiency of propane will help you save on heating costs. Fully enjoy your summer thanks to propane! 

Stove : accurate and safe 

For even cooking and instant heat, the propane stove is unbeatable. Worthy of professionals, it will give you high efficiency without a doubt.  

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