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What to do when your system is not working properly?

  1. Set thermostat to 30 °C.
  2. Ensure that power from the switch is working.
  3. Verify circuit breakers or fuses.
  4. Press the red " reset " button ONLY ONCE to restart burner.
  5. Verify heating oil level in tank.

If your system still does not work, contact your local branch available 24 / 7.

How to reduce heating oil consumption?

Were you aware that 1/8 inch of soot can increase your heating costs by more than $100 ?

Soot accumulated in the interior of your heat exchanger creates an insulating effect. Heating of the combustion chamber takes longer and heat transfer is less efficient. It all causes an increase of your oil bill.

Our specialists recommend an annual cleaning to :

  • Avoid overconsumption of heating oil
  • Ensure that your system is always working at full capacity
  • Increase the life of your system

Even better! Subscribe to a protection plan and take advantage of parts and labour guarantee and emergency 24 / 7 service as well as a tune up.

How can we foresee automatic deliveries?

Our computer system evaluates your consumption based on several factors, such as the degree-day, which is a tool that traces your consumption in keeping with the temperature.

Other factors which allow our specialists to evaluate deliveries are : previous years consumption, tank capacity, number of people dwelling in your home, whether hot water is heated using heating oil, etc.

Save time and money, be safe and avoid running out of heating oil, thanks to our automatic delivery program.

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How can Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra make a difference for you?

Designed to efficiently combat soot build up (sulphur content reduced by more than 99 %), Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra heating oil :

  • Contributes to maintaining the system clean in comparison to standard heating oil
  • Results in improved combustion efficiency
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Prolongs heating system life
  • Gives off a pleasant odour.

All of these characteristics enable you to improve comfort in many ways. In addition, every time a customer chooses Shell Themo Eco-Ultra, Shell Canada will plant a tree by means of Tree Canada.

How can you take advantage of a dual fuel heating system?

With dual energy, benefit from the comfort of heating oil and preferential rates on electricity by subscribing to Hydro-Quebec DT rates. Take advantage of two electricity rates which alternate according to the temperature.:

  • Reduced Rate : Rate billed for electricity consumed when temperatures are above -12°C
  • Higher Rate : Rate billed for electricity consumed when the temperature is below -12°C.

Take advantage of this heating method by obtaining advantageous electricity rates and by benefiting from heating oil's energetic efficiency and constant heat.

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