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Filgo Energy has been contributing to your well-being for over 50 years. High quality Shell products combined with our personalized service, guarantees superior heat and comfort in your home at all times.

Shell heating oil :

Heating oil 2
The most widely used heating oil, can be used with most oil heating systems.

Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra : Shell's most advanced domestic heating oil!
Its optimized formula contains the following properties :

  • Sulphur content has been reduced by more than 99% in order to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions
  • Increased efficiency to contend with soot buildup
  • Increased combustion efficiency to reduce deposits
  • Prolonged heating system life and reduced maintenance
  • Pleasant odour.

The key point : Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra enables you to achieve energy savings!

Heating oil 1
Produced for space heaters such as oil stoves. It is ideal for outdoor tanks as it will not freeze unless the temperature reaches below -40 °C.

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