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Filgo Energy has been contributing to your well-being for over 50 years. High quality Shell products combined with our personalized service, guarantees superior heat and comfort in your home at all times.

Shell heating oil :

Heating oil 2
The most widely used heating oil, can be used with most oil heating systems.

Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra : Shell's most advanced domestic heating oil!
Its optimized formula contains the following properties :

  • Sulphur content has been reduced by more than 99% in order to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions
  • Increased efficiency to contend with soot buildup
  • Increased combustion efficiency to reduce deposits
  • Prolonged heating system life and reduced maintenance
  • Pleasant odour.

The key point : Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra enables you to achieve energy savings!

Heating oil 1
Produced for space heaters such as oil stoves. It is ideal for outdoor tanks as it will not freeze unless the temperature reaches below -40 °C.

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Our local delivery service will ensure your heating oil supply in a professional manner. For all emergencies, our team is available to serve you 24 / 7.

Trade-mark of Shell Brand International AG. Used under license.

No need to worry!

We will continue to supply you with heating oil for as long as you need it. We guarantee it!

Your oil-burning furnace will continue to provide you with great heat quality long after December 31, 2023. Past this date, appliances that are less than 20 years old can still be repaired without restriction.

As for appliances that are 20 years old or older, they may require the following:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Motor repair or replacement
  • Burner component replacement
  • Repair or replacement of certain electronic components

Furthermore, your oil tank can always be replaced with a new, safer model.

For any questions related to maintenance, repairs, or component or appliance replacements, please contact us.