Our Commitment to the Environment  

Petroleum products are our life : as we manipulate, transport and warehouse them. We are aware of their potential impact on our health and environment. For this reason, environmental responsibility is not a goal for Filgo, it is a mindset to which each employee adheres.

Our customers have increasing and diversified energy needs ; our concern for environmental protection is based on concrete principles which make Filgo a responsible company, regardless of the field of activity. Our code of commitment covers four points :

  • Favour practices aimed at reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.
  • Ensure that our activities and installations go beyond the legal requirements and surpass governmental standards in terms of the environment.
  • Act in a preventative manner and without delay in order to avoid any health or environmental risk.
  • Increase awareness and adequately train our personnel in order to meet the strictest environmental requirements of the industry.

Reduce Our Environmental Footprint  

Filgo distributes ecological products such as biological lubricants, bio-fuel and others...

Shell Diesel Extra has been developed in order to assist businesses in saving fuel, to enable engines to function operate more efficiently and to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint related to fuel.

High performance diesel engines risk emitting more CO2 and black smoke when they begin losing operational efficiency after accumulated kilometres. Shell Diesel Extra has been developed in order to improve combustion and fuel efficiency, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and smoke from your vehicle. Shell Diesel Extra can help to :

  • Avoid increased fuel consumption
  • Limit drops in engine efficiency
  • Prevent corrosion in fuel supply system
  • Reduce CO2 and smoke emissions
  • And much more…

Distributed by Filgo Energy, Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra is a domestic heating oil mainly characterized by its reduced sulphur content which is 99 % inferior to the allowed maximal sulphur content acceptable for standard domestic heating oil. Result : a significant drop in sulphur dioxide emissions into the environment. The following are some of its properties :

  • Contributes to maintaining the system clean in comparison to standard heating oil
  • Resulting in improved combustion efficiency
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Prolongs heating system life
  • Pleasantly neutral smell

In addition, Shell Thermo Eco-Ultra helps you to save energy!


Filgo Energy proposes a quality biodiesel fuel made from renewable materials such as vegetable oil and recycled oil.

The following are some of its main advantages :

  • Reduces green house gas emissions
  • Quality fuel, non toxic and biodegradable
  • Cleans pipes, tanks and injection system
  • Improved smoothness, reducing wear and prolonging engine life
  • Higher cetane rating causing improved combustion

Trade-mark of Shell Brand International AG. Used under license.