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Filgo : a major player in energy transition!

Filgo is pleased to announce the deployment of 56 electric charging stations across the entire Quebec territory. Our combined investments, along with a $10 million financial assistance from the Quebec government, make the project possible. The charging stations will be installed at 28 gas stations owned by our Group throughout the Quebec province.

“We are proud to now offer motorists various forms of energy,” says Sonny Lehoux, Filgo’s general manager. “By choosing to collaborate with us, the Quebec government confirms the importance of our role in the energy transition in Quebec. We demonstrate the official commitment of our organization to expanding our energy offerings while considering the needs of our customers and our environmental footprint.”

An energetic team
This achievement is the result of teamwork and collaboration across various sectors of the company. We want to congratulate and acknowledge the superb contribution of all sectors involved in this project.

Together, let’s continue to align ourselves with our vision to become, by 2025, one of the largest energy distributors in Eastern Canada and proud to be recognized as the reference in customer experience.

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