Looking for a lucrative business opportunity ?

Having over 50 years experience in the field of gas stations and convenience stores, Filgo Gas & C-Stores aims to optimise your business potential with its recognized expertise, reliable and efficient services that meets all your needs.

Choose Filgo Gas & C-Stores as your partner, is above all choosing:

  • An experienced and available team
  • A flexible contractual agreement adapted to your needs
  • A courteous, efficient and personalized service
  • A safe and reliable supply
  • An active marketing support
  • Judicious advices aimed at optimizing the success of your business
  • The strength and reliability of a chain
  • The flexibility and personalized service of a regional business.

"Filgo Gas & C-Stores sets itself apart due to the close relationship it develops with its retailers. Thanks to its available and dedicated team, I quickly obtain answers and I have the support I need. Proximity is the strength of Filgo Gas & C-Stores!"
- Isabelle Giroux, Owner of Du Palais Convenience Store, a Shell service station located in Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce.

Shell Banner

The partnership that exists between Shell and Filgo Gas & C-Stores allows the combination of the following advantages :

  • The reputation of an international company
  • A strong world renowned brand image, .
  • Major sponsor of AIR MILES® reward program: The largest loyalty program in Canada.
  • Superior quality fuel : Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline, Shell V-Power and much more.

Contact without delay Mr. Eric Jutras at 418-387-5449 or eric.jutras@filgo.ca.

Miraco Banner

Take advantage of what the Miraco banner has to offer :

  • a distinctive image
  • quality products and services
  • efficient administrative and technical support
  • a professional team, tuned in to your needs, with over 50 years experience.

Contact without delay Mr. Carol Lehoux at c.lehoux@petrolespga.com.

Super Soir Banner

Thanks to its numerous partnerships with suppliers, the Super Soir chain enables you to benefit from :

  • strong purchasing power
  • competitive prices
  • judicious merchandising
  • a promotional program that set itself apart from the competition

Contact without delay Mr. Norman Grenier at 418-387-5449 or norman.grenier@filgo.ca.

Year after year, we are proud of the confidence Filgo Gas & C-Stores earn from more and more retailers-owners throughout Quebec.

®Trademark of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license be Loyalty One, Inc. and Shell Canada Products.