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Filgo Lubricants offers and distributes lubricants recognized for their quality :

These superior quality lubricants protect your investments such as equipment, cars, and machinery, as well as prolonging the interval between maintenance, saving on fuel and much more.

With products designed to meet challenges, we offer brands that complement each other to respond to your customer's varying needs. Shell, Pennzoil and Quaker State are leaders in their field. This solid reputation enables distributors to easily stand out from the rest.

Shell, Pennzoil and Quaker State distinguished themselves in the following ways :


World renowned Shell products, answer to the most specific requirements for trucks and machinery. Noteworthy is the fact that Shell Rotella®* T is recognized on the market for its quality, its performance and technology, it has dominated the heavy-duty engine oil market for over 30 years. It is the preferred heavy-duty engine oil for diesel engines by owner operators and diesel truck owners in North America*.

Pennzoil and Quaker State oils and grease are distinguished for their excellence in the automobile industry.


Pennzoil is a leader in cleansing lubricants. Pennzoil transforms all engines into auto-cleaning engines. For over 100 years, people all over North America have used Pennzoilr products to guarantee clean and powerful operation of their machinery.

Quaker State

Quaker State is recognized for its unequalled durability. With Quaker State, you benefit from a motor oil that is so durable it passes tough standards for brand-new motor oil, even when it’s ready to be replaced. That's what we call real durable oil.

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Important Information
Shell Technical Service: 1 800 661-1771
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Specialized lubricants

Filgo is proud to offer specialized lubricant brands for a wide range of sectors.


FUCHS offers an excellent collection of highly effective lubricants for daily metalworking but also proposes more complex products for the aviation industry for example.

FUCHS distinguishes themselves by their expertise in terms of cooling lubricants for metalworking which allows them to offer products that are effective, economical and free from ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. For more information.


The innovative assortment of Klüber products includes many types of specialty lubricants all designed to protect equipment:

- High performance oils
- Greases
- Assembly pastes
- Bonded coatings
- Waxes
- Anti-corrosion agents

Klüber lubrication offers to the food and pharmaceutical industries a complete range of H1 lubricants available all around the world and ISO 21469 certified. For more information.

SummitSummit, leader in synthetic lubricant technology, concentrates relentlessly on the production of lubricants of the highest quality possible. Their collection is composed of more than 300 products that can be used for almost all industrial applications. For more information.


* Source: TLT Tracker Survey and Kline Report 2009-2010.

™ Trade-mark of Pennzoil-Quaker State Company. Used under license. ™* Trade-mark of Shell Brand International AG. Used under license.