A trustworthy partner who distributors can count on for the supply of products and services to ensure growth.

A team of experts and an efficient distribution network !

By means of a well established distribution chain, Filgo Lubricants stands out with its experienced team, fully aware of market realities, working together with their distributors.

As business partners, you benefit from :

  • Our dedicated sales and marketing team, working with you to support your growth and development efforts, as well as identifing your specific needs corresponding to your markets.
  • Our customer service and transportation dispatch services, always available.
  • Efficient cooperation with bulk carriers experienced in serving our market.
  • Our efficient and optimal distribution network and our Montreal based warehouse.

Filgo Lubricants is also proud to offer you flexible solutions adapted to your needs, such as our electronic portal LubAcces making ordering and accessing information easier. With LubAcess, order at your convenience, any time any day, consult your order history or invoices and much more.  


Oil analysis service
Filgo Lubricants’ partners also take advantage of our oil analysis service carried out by experts in the field. It is important for us that each distributor has easy access to this service which constitutes a competitive advantage for his clientele.

Collecting your used oil
Concerned with environmental protection and with a view to better serve our customers, Filgo Lubricants offers you advantageous programs for collecting used oil.

Contact our team now to find out more about what Filgo Lubricants has to offer you.