13 February 2013 All About Service and Energy

This is the promise we make to our customers. Established for over 50 years in the distribution of petroleum products, we are motivated by the energy of service, offering a service specialized in energy.

New name, same service
Philippe Gosselin & Associés Ltée is amongst the largest Shell petroleum product distributor in Quebec. In addition to the distribution of petroleum products, the company distinguishes itself managing Shell and Miraco gas stations, Super Soir convenience stores and distributes Shell, Pennzoil and Quaker State lubricants.

Supplying nearly 125 gas stations in Eastern Canada. Over 80 trucks delivering across Quebec. 15 business places dedicated to the distribution of petroleum products. 1.5 million litres per day. A strong group, this is who we are.

To unite all our divisions and companies, our group decided to adopt a new logo and a new name: Filgo. A brand reflecting the energy and pride that drives us.

Gradually, our correspondence, trucks, team, website will convey this brand. This evolution will be fully consistent with the quality of service and products we have always offered at each of our locations!

Now proudly displaying the Filgo brand, our team renews its commitment to provide the local service that has made our reputation. We will continue to be available, accessible and attentive to your needs. We remain committed to the environmental principles that have guided us thus far and will remain dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Filgo is a one stop shop to serve all energy needs, as a true petroleum products specialist.

Filgo encompasses 3 divisions: Energy, Gas & C-Stores and Lubricants. We proudly rank amongst the largest distributor of petroleum products in Quebec and are present in most regions.

Each day, we are...

Filgo Energy Filgo Gas & C-Stores Filgo Lubricants

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